Training Programs

Your customers are everywhere. Wouldn’t it be great if your team felt confident talking to them whenever and wherever they had something to say? Opportunities to gain insight are occurring at lightning speed these days. In order to make sure you have the right tools to stay up to speed on your customers’ wants and needs, we’ve created training programs that teach your team how to conduct and interpret research like a nimble pro. And best of all, it takes place in cool‐rocking Austin, Texas.

We offer two research “tracks;” the first teaches how to “walk the walk” and the second how to “talk the talk.”

  • Implementing research

    You’ll learn the best approach to setting up a research project, from recruiting, to building the discussion guide, to back room strategies, and finally to reporting the findings. We’ll teach you steps to moderate effectively and we’ll let you in on trade secrets for getting the most out of each session.

  • Maximizing research and insights

    Gathering information is half the equation, shaping those insights into a solid plan of action is the other half. We’ll show you how to develop a compelling narrative from the research so you can communicate your findings effectively and generate excitement internally.

Our training can be put to use immediately, and with confidence. It’s fun, yes, but most importantly it’s geared toward the participants’ unique strengths, and led by seasoned, inspiring trainers. Once class is over you’ll have comprehensive post‐ training support.

Consumer Research & Communication Training

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