Course Listings

Course List

Basics of Moderating: $4,000

All the tools you need to conduct your first discussion group.

  • 3 days of very intimate hands-on training with no more than 5 participants per class
  • One-on-one and small group interactive sessions using “real life” scenarios that teach you how to lead a group and glean enriched insight. Each participant’s strengths will be analyzed to help you create a moderating style that is comfortable, effective, and filled with our impressive tricks-of-the trade.

Best for: Someone who is very new to moderating and wants expert personalized training and feedback.

Advanced Moderating: $4,000

Expand your moderating toolbox and gain the skills you need to deal with tricky situations.

  • 3 days of moderating bootcamp with no more than 5 participants per class
  • Exercises and creative tools that take you to the next level and give you the tips and tricks to deal with difficult situations.You’ll receive invaluable personal evaluations after each session, enabling you to hone your skills in real time, in front of real people.

Best for: A good modertor who wants to become a great one, armed with a toolbox full of the latest techniques.

Leading a Successful Research Project: $2,750*

Manage a research project with confidence from start to finish, and run a productive back room.

  • 2 days with a maximum of 8 participants per class
  • Gain confidence in initiating and leading any research project. You’ll learn everything you need to know in order to organize and capture vital research. Includes setting objectives, outlining the project, identifying the research strategy, developing a screener, building a guide, managing a back room and leading a post-research discussion.

Best for: Project managers on the client or provider-side responsible for managing the set-up and outcome of a research project.

Effective Narrative Development: $3,000

Learn to evaluate research findings, effectively communicate the insights, and develop meaningful strategies.

  • 2 days with a maximum 8 participants per class
  • You’ll learn exactly what to do with the information gathered in a research project by creating an effective communication plan and research report. After this session, you’ll be equipped to decipher and share the consumer voice to create clear presentations and powerful strategies.

Best for: Those responsible for gathering or observing insights, and shaping those findings into enlightened strategies.

Effective Communication with Women: $3,000*

Create more meaningful, lasting relationships between your brand and your customers.

  • 2 days with a maximum of 8 participants per class
  • Invaluable communication techniques for anyone on the front line with customers. Training includes both verbal and non-verbal skills to maximize any interaction with women customers.
  • Attend one of our scheduled on-campus classes or let us customize training at your location.

Best for: Anyone who comes into contact with customers, whether face-to-face, on the phone or digitally.

Maximizing Internal Communication $2,500*

  • Tools to forge stronger employee engagement, improve team and individual communication and effectively lead an internal discussion.
  • 1.5 days with a maximum of 8 participants per class
  • Very interactive individual and small group exercises with real world examples and tactics to lead and maximize internal communication.
  • Each participant’s strengths will be analyzed to customize a plan to maximize listening, reacting and presenting skills.

Best for: Anyone who frequently interacts with internal team members to listen to, lead, strategize or present information.