Since 1994 On Your Mark has led qualitative discussions, primarily with women. Why do they do what they do? Why has their routine changed? Why would they buy what you’re selling? And – more importantly – why would they not? How women make these decisions creates a remarkable story, and the ending is always changing. Which is why we keep talking, and listening, to women.

We’ve learned which questions to ask, and how to ask them, efficiently and oh‐so‐creatively. We also know how to listen, and that silence can be just as revealing as words.

Our research generates reports that are chock full of actionable information, not only specific to your project, but also informed by the tens of thousands of conversations we’ve had with women over the years. You get more, and more relevant insight, more bang for your buck. Research dollars on steroids? More like estrogen.

As leading experts on female consumers, On Your Mark Research also offers training programs that equip you with the right tools to establish dialogue, whether you’re wanting to lead a research discussion or teach everyone on your team how to lead internal discussions with a curious and compassionate mind. All training programs are customized to get the best results for what you want to achieve.

We know our audience. We can help you know your audience. WOMEN.