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You’re at the right site if you’re looking for any of these 3 things:


1. A very experienced research moderator

  • lead customer conversations, including identifying new business opportunities as well as finding solutions to today’s business challenges.

    • Focus groups, IDI’s, in-home conversations, convincing groups, store walks (Wherever the best place is to get the best insights, that’s where we go!)

  • ​ lead internal team or strategic sessions, including brand and product brainstorming, identifying productivity opportunities and potential ways to enhance team performance and enjoyment.

2. Facilitation training

  • On Your Mark has a training program to teach employees on your team to moderate or facilitate discussions.

    • Moderator tactics so employees can facilitate better internal and external conversations.


3. Listening workshops:
Reminding people to “Listen for More”.

A very relevant and high-energy, interactive presentation about listening, including why we don’t always do it and some tips and tricks from a seasoned moderator that will make listening top of mind again.

Definitely consider this workshop if you want to improve your life or the lives of others, create a foundation of respect within your team, company or organization or enhance conversations in all areas of your life.

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