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Who is On Your Mark?

On Your Mark is a truly credible research company with nearly 30 years of experience talking with people and gleaning insights. That equates to over 15,000 different conversations (give or take a few) in a variety of industries for leading companies in their business space, including grocery, apparel, education, CPG’s, non-profits and even other agencies.


The moderator,
Brenda Laguarta

Brenda has been on the ground floor of the On Your Mark research efforts since the beginning.

“I truly have to smile when I think about this awesome company and my great job as a research moderator. My formula for success isn’t all that complicated. I attribute it to the collaboration between me and my clients. We really break down what we want to learn and whom we need to learn it from so the conversations are just easier and more powerful. And it helps to be kinda funny, too.”

Brenda will admit, her style of moderating is “pretty Texas”; with a hint of a southern drawl, some interesting phrases, and a lot of honestly and transparency to get to the heart of the matter.

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